True, Loving & Kind
The CLUB Ethos



Like dropping a stone into a pond, one thought can have far reaching consequences. Thoughts can change your chemistry, your mood and in the long term even your health and this is why it is important what kind of thoughts you have. Positive thoughts have a very real positive effect - just think of someone you love and you’ll have a taste of what I mean. But the world of the media is not exactly full of this kind of thought - open any newspaper, turn on the news and you’ll be bombarded by negative thoughts which are equally empowered to have negative effects.


I hope you will find The CLUB to be an oasis where you can come and leave that  world behind - a place where you can find some positivity and maybe even some inspiration.  On my first ever laptop I had a printed card stuck by the screen which said: ’Write what is true, loving and kind.’ I have always liked the sentiment it expressed and I use it as a yardstick to measure anything I write. So this is my CLUB ethos, if you follow it too when writing in forums then we can keep this place as a positive oasis and you can help spread some of those positive ripples into people’s lives.



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