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Super Duck

Goat has made a beautiful kite

Duck wants to see the kite take flight.

He runs and throws, the kite stays low

Until the wind begins to blow.

That’s when Frog gets carried away…

Can Super Duck save the day?

Duck in the Truck

This is the tale of a duck in a truck -

A truck that gets stuck in some yucky brown muck.

A sheep in a jeep and a frog in a bush

Saw the truck stuck and gave it a push.

But the truck stayed stuck! What now, can you guess?

Could a goat in a boat get them out of this mess?

Fix it Duck Cover


A leaking roof? A window stuck?

These are jobs for FIX – IT DUCK !

He’s got his tools, he’s smart - he’s strong.

What could possibly go wrong?

Captain Duck

Goat thinks his boat is safely moored

He doesn’t see Duck jump on board.

Soon Sheep and Frog are all at sea

Just like their map and flask of tea.

Who knows what dangers are afloat

When Duck is captain of the boat.

Hit the Ball Duck

Duck and friends go out one day

With a bat, a ball and a glove to play.

Duck hits the ball - but where does it fall?

On a branch in the tree - now they can’t play at all.

Frog has an idea, Duck lends a hand

But nothing turns out quite as planned.


Duck's Day Out

Duck decides today he’ll be

The Captain of a boat at sea.

He takes a friend to lend a hand

But nothing turns out quite as planned!

Duck to the Rescue

Sheep sets off to the fair one day

But stops his jeep – he’s lost his way.

Duck drives up with a quack quack quack,

Will Sheep’s jeep get back on track?


Duck's Key


Duck has lost his silver key.

I wonder where the key can be.

Lift the flaps- take a peek,

Frog is playing hide and seek.

Sssh Duck

Baby Goat is playing with his toys.

Look out! Here comes Duck.

Baby Goat is drinking his milk.

Look out! Here comes Duck.

Baby Goat is asleep, but not for long…

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