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9 - Painting the Cover Art
16th July 2012 - Morning


Today I am painting the cover art for Billy the Goat's Big Breakfast. As I have already shown you the drawn rough for this (see First Cover Sketches) I thought you might like to see its development from there.

Having transferred the image to some white card with the help of tracing paper I then begin with the outline colours. Notice that these differ depending on what they are describing - the hooves have a pinky brown colour, Billy's fur has a warm grey outline around the white bits and blue/black over the dark bits. However on the side from which the light falls (the right) you will notice I use a lighter blue. it's a subtle touch but adds a level of refinement to the finished image. As you will see, all these lines will sink into the picture as I add the interior colours so that they will do their job of defining Billy without being obtrusive. 

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